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Waistbeads have been around as part of African culture for many years. Traditionally, the beads signify wealth and aristocracy, as well as femininity and sensuality. Known to be passed on from mother to daughter; they are given to young adolescents as a rites of passage. Women also wear waist beads to keep their waist slim and/or aide in weight loss.


Our waist beads are made to order and include crystals, charms and/or shells that resonate to the energy you’re looking to emulate. We welcome women of all sizes to embrace their divine feminine by trying waistbeads as a wonderful tool to make you feel sexy, sensual, beautiful and most importantly Royal!


*Please include your waist size in the notes when placing your order. Price subject to increase or decrease depending on waist size if ordered in person.+

“Fit for a Queen” Custom Waistbeads

PriceFrom $35.55
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