Peace & Infinite Blessings, Royalty! 

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"It is not about who you are right now, but rather who you can become".
- Vernatha Montoute

POR Mission

Peace of Royalty's mission as a health and wellness organization, is to bring awareness to the importance of a healthy lifestyle, through the use of integrative health and wellness services and products. We provide services in the form of mindfulness practices such as yoga, breath work and meditation, as well as handmade healing crystal jewelry and aromatherapy products. Ultimately, peace of mind is the desired outcome!


Our methods of healing is to integrate noninvasive, ancient healing modalities that empower you on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. We believe that people of all ages, genders and races deserve to have the tools needed to facilitate inner peace, wellness and growth in all areas of their lives.

Having cultivated this peace within, you can expect to become more self-aware, and intuitively connected to the Divine, recognizing that you too are Divine and Royal!

We are Infinite Light Beings; Royal, authentic and deserving of all the abundance that life has to offer!  

It is time to redevelop a strong love and deep acceptance of self and who you truly are. 


Welcome to your sacred evolution, Royalty!

Peace and Infinite Blessings.

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Meet Vee

Creator and owner Vernatha Montoute is a Certified Yoga Service Teacher with special training in Trauma Informed Yoga, Urban Youth Yoga, Early Childhood Yoga, and Chair Yoga. She is also a Meditation Guide, Crystal Healing Practitioner and a self proclaimed “queen”, hence her infectious name Vee Queen. She was born and raised in the beautiful, lush island of St. Lucia, which she believes is the reason why she now lives a natural, holistic lifestyle.

Vee obtained her 200 Hour Yoga Service Teacher Training from 108 Monkeys founded by Dr. Peg Oliveira whose motto is Practice Yoga, Practice Peace. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Services from University of Phoenix while serving in the U.S Army. After her service she discovered Yoga, realizing that her body needed a more gentle yet effective approach for physical health and mental wellness.

Although she had her own personal practice, it wasn't until working in the Mental Health & Substance Abuse field however, did Vee realize just how amazing these practices really are. She began facilitating health and wellness groups, introducing her passion of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation to her clients. These clients confirmed just how yoga and meditation brings about peace of mind and an awakening of one’s most authentic self through mind, body and soul connection. She realized then that teaching others how to cultivate peace is what she was destined to do. She has since had the honor to bring these ancient practices to her community through health and wellness workshops, corporate facilities and many other community wellness events. 

Currently, Vee is obtaining her Master's of Arts Degree in Integrative Health & Healing at The Graduate Institute. Her dream is to continue to expand her knowledge and dive deeper into her passions to be able to provide more holistic healing services and products to people in her community and beyond. 

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